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TAFE Ambassador - Susan Jarrett.

An Accredited Member of Building Designers Australia and a HIA Greensmart Professional, Susan talks about her mature age change of career and her path to becoming a Building Designer; please view the video.

Livable Housing Design

ImageImageLivable Housing Design emerged from the National Dialogue on Universal Housing Design led by the Hon Bill Shorten MP and Senator the Hon Jan McLucas.

Livable Housing Australia (LHA) originated from that highly successful National Dialogue.

The Livable Housing Design (LHD) Guidelines, negotiated through that National Dialogue, reflect a consensus document that has achieved industry, community and government endorsement. The Livable Housing Design (LHD) Guidelines describe three levels of performance: Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. The levels are framed around 16 livable housing design elements with seven core elements.

                                        To download a copy of these guidelines click on the brochure image at right.


2017 Winning Design Magazine available now.

BDA Winning Design 2017 Cover

What is a Building Designer?

Of course, the simple answer is that Building Designers design buildings, but in fact there is much more to what has become the profession of building design.

The BDA estimates that 75-80% of residential work is currently designed by Building Designers. These figures appear to be consistent with the findings of other groups. More...

Why use a Building Designer?

A Building Designer can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your building site and your existing home, in the case of an addition or renovation. Based on this information, they can then discuss with you how your required outcomes can best be achieved. More...

Selecting a Building Designer

The design is likely to be the most important part of the building project that you are about to embark on. Selecting the right designer is the key to achieving a successful building project. More...

Considering a Commercial or Industrial project

Watch this short video to see why a BDA member would be right for your job. Click anywhere here

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The information provided in the database (see button on main navigation bar above) has been collected from members of the BDA (past and present) with their permission. It is possible that the designer listed is no longer a current member of Building Designers Australia.

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